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Advanced Placement Program



The Newport News Public Schools curriculum offers students a comprehensive program to prepare for the 21st century that may lead to the world of work or to further study at colleges, universities, or technical schools.  All high schools offer advanced standing courses (Advanced Placement-AP and/or International Baccalaureate-IB).  The advanced standing courses are weighted and evaluated using an external examination. The following AP courses are offered at Denbigh High School:

Honors-H level courses are also weighted.  Students can also earn dual enrollment credit (college and high school credit) for certain courses.  Dual enrollment credits may transfer to other college and universities.  Credits are awarded at the discretion of the college.

Quality Points for
Advanced Placement Courses
Quality Points for
Honors Courses
Quality Points for
Standard Courses
A 5 4.5 4
B 4 3.5 3
C 3 2.5 2
D 2 1.5 1
F 0 0 0




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