School Counseling

For counseling help, please call (757) 886-7700.

A school counselor is a resource person, a coordinator, a consultant, a group leader, a person who helps teachers, adults, and parents understand children. Last, but not least, a guidance counselor is a certified, specially trained, caring person.

Denbigh High Counselors are specially trained to help students and parents determine exactly the right courses to provide students with the background for any career. Students meet with counselors each year to ensure that they are on the right path to graduation and to help with any problems or career choice changes that occur. Counselors will also help to see that students meet all of the qualifications to enter the college of their choice. For more information, visit NNPS School Counseling Services.

Additional Services Provided

Do you need help? Our Student Support Specialist is here for you! Find out more about what the School Support Specialist can do for you! View the video now.


Counselor Directory

Name Position Students, Programs assigned
Serethea Brown School Counseling Director ESL 11th and 12th
Evelyn Carter School Counselor ESL 9th and 10th
Tiffany Walker School Counselor Last Names A-D & Early College
Shasta Rodriguez   School Counselor Last Names E-K
Marcellus Harris School Counselor Last Names L-R
Darlene Hood School Counselor Last Names S-Z
Katrina Hines Student Support Specialist  
Courtney Johnson Graduation Coach  
Jim Stinger Graduation Coach  
Bonnie Shields Registrar  
Sparkle Alston Secretary  
Rebecca Kohaut School Psychologist