Denbigh High School

259 Denbigh Boulevard     Newport News, VA 23608     Phone: (757) 886-7700     Fax: (757) 872-6542

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Denbigh High School Guidance Office, 886-7700

A  school counselor is a resource person, a coordinator, a consultant, a group leader, a person who helps teachers, adults, and parents understand children. Last, but not least, a guidance counselor is a certified, specially trained, caring person.

Denbigh High Counselors are specially trained to help students and parents determine exactly the right courses to provide students with the background for any career. Students meet with counselors each year to ensure that they are on the right path to graduation and to help with any problems or career choice changes that occur. Counselors will also help to see that students meet all of the qualifications to enter the college of their choice. In additional to career and academic counseling, there are many group counseling activities offered by Denbigh High's guidance counselors. These activities include:

  • Anger/Conflict Management  
  • Care  
  • Concerned Persons
  • Dealing with Death  
  • Personal Growth  
  • Recovery/Intervention
  • Relationships  
  • Smoking Cessation  
  • Step-Families  
  • Study Smart  
  • Teen Moms  
  • Active Parenting



School Counseling Director:

Mrs.Serethea Brown    (ESOL Level)

School Counselor:

Ms.  Shasta Rodriguez   (Last Names F-K)

School Counselor:

Ms. Tiffany Walker  (Last Names A-E)  & Early College

School Counselor:

Mr. Marcellus Harris  (Last Names L-Q)

School Counselor:

Mr. Robert Mompoint  (Last Names R-Z)

Student Support Specialist:

Mrs. Katrina Hines


Mrs. Bessie Pacheco


Mrs. Karen Brown

School Psychologist:

Ms. Rebecca Kohaut

School Social Worker :

Ms. Stephanie Gore



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