Denbigh High School

259 Denbigh Boulevard     Newport News, VA 23608     Phone: (757) 886-7700     Fax: (757) 872-6542

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HONESTY is the most important characteristic of good citizenship. Denbigh students are expected to be honest in their work, leisure, and relationships with others.

COMPASSION is the emotion that you feel when you genuinely care for other people and living things. At Denbigh, our compassion enables us to think about others and see the importance of their needs.

RESPECT for self and others is an important citizenship trait. Self-respect allows us to take pride in our behaviors and our work. Respect for others ensures that every one of our students genuinely feels a part of Denbigh High School. Respecting others also means valuing different ideas and points of view.

RESPONSIBILITY is the skill of becoming accountable and responding wisely. Denbigh students take responsibility for their learning and social wellbeing and recognize their duty to represent our school positively.

COURAGE means doing the things that may be difficult or unpopular in order to help others. Denbigh students are expected to make wise and ethical choices.


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