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Denbigh High School has been selected to participate in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.

It is NOT required that students have their own device to participate in any project or activity using technology, if a student does not have a device, a NNPS device will be provided for them. 

NNPS believes in operating Safe, Smart Schools so that each of its students can become College, Career, and Citizen-ready. Leveraging digital technologies to improve student learning experiences is a key part in fulfilling that mission. Many students that we serve own devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and e-readers that can supplement their learning if used appropriately in the classroom. The purpose of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative is to move further into the digital learning age by facilitating safe and productive use of such devices and thereby to empower students to take more active ownership of their own learning.

To participate in BYOD, students MUST have a completed BYOD Agreement Form, signed by parents and students.
A completed form means that:
- the device type is identified (smartphone make and model, tablet make and model, etc.  An example would be:  Apple iPad)
- the serial number of the device is identified
(unique set of letters and numbers to identify the device.  Also called an IMEI, ESN or MEID on some versions of Android, Blackberry or Windows devices.  An example would be:  F17JK7563DLZ8H8)
- the MAC address of the device is listed (a MAC address is a unique identifier for your Network adapter or Network Interface Card or NIC, six pairs of letters and numbers, A-F, 0-9.  An example would be:  04:F7:E4:1E:73:A1) Help finding your device's MAC Address can be found here
Students who have not registered for BYOD MUST follow the current policies of the student handbook and keep their device turned off during the school day.











BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

What Devices Can Be Used in BYOD?

If a device can connect to the internet for instructional purposes, it can be used for BYOD.
Devices for BYOD include, but aren't limited to:

  • SmartPhones
  • Tablets
  • Laptop Computers
  • eReaders
  • Handheld Gaming Devices

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What is the Purpose of BYOD?

The purpose of the BYOD program is:

  • to supplement and enrich student learning
  • to empower student to take more active ownership in their own learning
  • to provide more opportunities for instructional-based use of the technology on a daily basis
  • 'On the go' learning 24/7/365
  • NOT for play

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Who Decides When Students Use BYOD?

Teachers make the decision when BYOD will be used in their classroom. 

Students are NOT in charge of when to use BYOD.

- No pulling devices out of pockets and turning on during class without teacher guidelines
- No listening to music in hallways (including earphones in ears)
- BYOD takes place only under instructional supervision  

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Can Students Share Devices?

There is a strict 'NO SHARING' policy with BYOD.

Students who do not have a BYOD device will NEVER be without.  There will always be a NNPS tool provided for their use.

Not sharing reduces the risk of accidental breakage, loss or damage. 

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What Happens If Students Misues Their Device?

Students who abuse BYOD will be subject disciplinary action.

Teachers who see students misuse devices in the classroom may confiscate the device instantly and revoke BYOD privileges.

Administrators may determine based on the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook or the Student Internet Acceptable Use Procedures, other appropriate consequences for the student.  

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What Happens If a Device Is Lost or Stolen?

The student is solely responsible for making sure that their device is safe and secure at all times. 

NNPS is not responsible for the students devices getting lost or stolen. 

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The student is responsible for the device.  NNPS will not provide tech support for devices that are damaged.

NNPS is not responsible for lost or stolen devices, broken devices, malware downloaded to devices or overlimit- overminute cellular charges.

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What Network will i be on?

The NNPS BYOD network is a safe, secure network, your device should join automatically when registered and entering any Newport News public school.

Our BYOD network is safer than an outside network, it is FREE, and is available for instructional purposes only.

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Please bring your device to school fully charged.  To save battery life, leave your device off when not being used for instruction. THERE IS NO CHARGING OF PERSONAL DEVICES.

Even if your device runs out of power, an NNPS-provided device will always be on hand for any technology-enriched activities.

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How Do i get started?

BYOD is an exciting new adventure in learning.

Please read over the BYOD Guidelines and understand them.   

Complete the BYOD Agreement form (link provided at the top of the page) with the information about your device and a parent or legal guardian's consent. 

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